We dare to Guarantee:

* Amazing Offers and LPs
* At least $30/month will be earned for only 200 clicks/month
* The more clicks you send, the more you will be guaranteed

Timeļ¼š April 1st - June 30th

Every click you send helps you earn!

You can feel 100% safe during April-June, 2016 promotion:

Note: If you failed to send 200 clicks/month each time but your click amount of 3 months is over 300, you are still gauranteed to earn at least $50 for your efforts in 3 months.

Qpid Affiliate wants to make publishers feel safe to start or scale up cooperation on a 0-risk basis during April to June. As long as you take actions to send real clicks (fake clicks from affiliates or bots will be deducted) you can earn leads or sales commisisons easily, or you will be paid the minimum amount. In a word, we assure your minimum earning but won't limit your maximum earning!

The application deadline is June 30th. Before that, hit the "Join Now" button on this page to apply. Once your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email including guidelines for this event. Your minimum earning will be guaranteed according to monthly click amount.

(Note: 100% Earning Porgram is only available to individual affiliates. Accounts representing a company instead of individual publisher/affiliate will not be approved to join.)

For CPL, CPS and CPA accounts:Clicks should be generated by real visitors with IP addresses from Canada, Sweden, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Switzerland, Malta, France, Germany, Croatia, Netherland, Belgium, Austria, Ireland or Italy.

Allowed traffic types:
Display, Search, Social, Contextual.

Restrictions: Adult; Torrent; Gambling; Streaming; Incentivized; Content Locking; Host & Post; Co-Reg; Email; Mobile; In App display; PPV or Pop traffic; Sexually wording; Online social chatting.

The following clicks are not counted:
    a) fraudulent clicks;
    b) test clicks;
    c) other clicks that are associated with unaccepted traffic stated above.

Any violation of the restriction or the Affiliate Agreement may cause suspension of your participation in the 100% Earning Program and your affiliate account.

For example: you send 400 clicks in a month. Accordingly, you are guaranteed a minimum of $80 earning in the month and then:

*If you earn $0 normal commission, we will credit you with $80 commission;
*If you earn $40 normal commission, we will credit you with $40 to make sure you earn at least $80;
*If you earn $160 normal commission, congratulations! Contact your account manager and let's figure out how to earn more!

Both normal commission and minimum earning are paid monthly consistent with the affiliate payment term .
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