New Version of Qpid Network’s Dating Sites

br />Found something new on our dating sites? Yes, the revision of our dating sites was finished at the beginning of September. You can see the brand new homepage of the four sites, which is more attr...

Postback URL Implementation Opens for Affiliates

Want to implement tracking by yourself? We help you realize it. QpidAffiliate offers now allow affiliates to place Postback URLs. ...


It's very rare for an online dating service of any type to be around for 10 years or more, and I am proud to be promoting ChnLove and the other services within Qpid network. Many people that visit ChnLove through my affiliate links already are familiar with the reputation of the dating service so the rate of visitor to member ratio is high.

Mark George

QpidAffiliate has continued to provide a quality product for this webmaster by offering a respectable Asian dating service and an affiliate program that pays reliably.

Robert Lee