• Jul. 7, 2016
    100% Earning Program Came To A Great Success

    The Qpid 100% Earning Program has successfully ended on June 30. Lasting for 3 months, with earning guaranteed, this program helped thousands of affiliates set up high converting Qpid offers and scale up their dating affiliate marketing business. We wish them more profitable earnings with Qpid Network. Cheers.

  • May. 17, 2016
    Paxum-New Payment Method You Should Start to Know

    Options to get paid are ever-increasing. To make commission settlement more convenient, we are excited to announce that we have recently made another improvement to our payment system. We added big and popular payment processor – Paxum.

    Paxum is accepted anywhere. You can enjoy Low Fees and also competitive pricing. When you want to receive payments instantly with just an email address to anywhere in the world, Paxum can help!

    Secure, private, and anonymous, Paxum e-wallet makes receiving payments fast and easy, on a global basis.
    Now, you are welcome to use Paxum to receive any payments from QpidAffiliate!

    PaxumApply a Paxum account now

  • Apr. 22, 2016
    Bonus 2016 is launched

    A new bonus program--100% Earning Program is launched by Qpid Affiliate Network recently.

    What's new? Unlike other bonus program, the program is backed up with offers and LPs of high conversion rate. How high is it? The program dares to guarantee affiliates minimum earnings of $30 when they send 200 click!

    The program will reward affiliates monthly for their effort and the program will be lasted for three months from April 1st to June 30th,2016. The earlier affilaites join, the more they will be rewarded!

  • Apr. 20, 2016
    Commission of Mar. 2016 is paid

    We want all concerned affiliates to know that all due commission payments of Mar. 2016 have been processed. Please check your account if you have requested payment lately.Contact your account manager if you have any question regarding balance payment.

  • Apr. 22, 2015
    Our New Domain Name Has Come Into Effect Since April!

    As more and more users get engaged in finding love on, we have been continuously improving this dating site to provide better services. With the latest update, a new domain comes into use.

    What does this change mean for you, our dear affiliate partners? We have updated all our banners with the “CharmDate” logo on it and text with the “CharmDate” wording. You just need to log in to get the new creatives and replace them on your sites. Please also update “CharmingDate” to “CharmDate” accordingly when you are writing introductions or reviews on this site.

    Please contact your affiliate manager if you have any questions regarding the new creative replacement.

  • Jan. 9, 2015
    This is Important - Email Traffic No Longer Accepted

    Due to promotion strategy changes, all offers on the Qpid Affiliate Program will no longer accept email traffic. For those who are sending us email traffic, we would like to kindly ask you to stop before 1st Feb, 2015 to avoid loss, since no payment will be made to leads that are brought by email traffic.

    Further notice will be announced if the email traffic policy changes. We will keep you informed if email traffic is accepted again.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • Nov. 7, 2014
    New Updates in Reporting

    Did you find something different after logging in your Qpid Affiliate account? Affiliate world is rapidly growing, so is For better user experience to every affiliate, here come the new updates!

    The new version of QpidAffiliate account is more concise, visual and efficient than ever to review your performance. In the ‘My Account’ section, which is functioned as default page or account summary page of the whole account, you will be amazed at the showing of key dimensions of your statistics. You can see how many clicks and conversions you brought, and even how much you have earned in a certain period of time, all shown in dynamic statistical chats. This is one big feature we proudly introduce to you. In the ‘Report’ section, you will find it more convenient to view detailed statistics.
    And there are more new features in the new version of the account. How could you resist such a user-friendly QpidAffilite Account? Just log in to explore more!
  • Oct. 15, 2014
    Instructions for Email Promotions

    No one can deny the fact that email marketing plays an important role in promoting products and services in the industry. Therefore, it is absolutely vital for affiliates to pay attention to the standard operation in the process of email promoting.

    Firstly, the suppression list, which is crucial for affiliates in email marketing, will be sent to affiliates automatically every Tuesday by simply clicking to opt in. By doing this, affiliates will have a lower risk of violating the spam rules while they are doing email marketing.

    In addition, affiliates are allowed to use their own email creatives to run our offers. While the email templates from affiliates must be submitted for approval first, the process is extremely easy.

    Let’s keep these instructions in mind and start email marketing now.

  • Sep. 5, 2014
    New Version of Qpid Network’s Dating Sites

    Found something new on our dating sites? Yes, the revision of our dating sites was finished at the beginning of September. You can see the brand new homepage of the four sites, which is more attractive to our male members and can definitely bring more conversions.
    It’s worth mentioning that two parts are added on the homepage, News and In the Media. In this way, the most updated activities and news can be known in time. In addition, our dating sites are recommended and reported by some world-renowned media, which can be read in the part of In the Media.
    Innovation and improvement can always make us more competitive in the fierce dating market. Qpid Network Affiliate Program is always catering for the real benefits of our affiliates.

  • Aug. 13, 2014
    Postback URL Implementation Opens for Affiliates

    Want to implement tracking by yourself? We help you realize it. QpidAffiliate offers now allow affiliates to place Postback URLs.

    After choosing the offer(s) they would like to run, affiliates now are able to implement 3 Postback URLs for each offer. This will save their time in logging in to their QpidAffiliate account and checking the performance of offers they are running.

    This will be good news for many affiliates, especially for media buyers. It’s never too early for you to take immediate action! Let your tracking software tell you how much you have earned!

  • Jun. 20, 2014
    Boost Your Conversion During World Cup

    As the long-awaited FIFA World Cup kicks off in the summer heat of Brazil, Qpid Network introduces a 10% DISCOUNT on LIVE CHAT for sports fans from June 13rd to 28th.

    Find this a great opportunity to increase leads and sales? Then make full use of your traffic and earn more NOW! Thousands of lady football fans are looking for their passionate Mr Rights. They will definitely be huge magnets for men who also love sports.

    Every minute counts! Spread this discount news to more, and you will earn more!

  • May. 20, 2014
    Earn MORE this Summer with New Offers

    Now QpidAffiliate just launched incredible CPA offers, based on the number of paid members you bring. A fixed price of $45 or more will be paid to you for every paid member. Are you ready? Let’s multiply your income throughout summer.

    In addition, a very important upgrade to CPL offer has been brought to increase our affiliates' earnings.You will find that offers with better payouts in our system.At the same time, the payout is going up to $9 for SOI offers, and increase to $11 for DOI offers.

    Don’t miss every opportunity to pump up your profit with QpidAffiliate! Choose the offers you like and start earning now!

  • Apr. 21, 2014
    Updates on Email Template Section

    It is not necessary to own a website to become a affiliate. Email marketing is also a very effective way to promote products and services in the industry, as long as you have a email list and follow some certain rules. Qpid Affiliate understand the importance of email marketing, and it make effort to perfect it. Today we are happy to announce the updates of email template section is completed.

    There are two major updates in the functions of email template section. One is the system newly added supersession list download function. By simply click to opt in, affiliates can down the latest version of supersession list to apply to their email list, by doing this, affiliates will have a lower risk of violate the SPAM rules while they are operating email marketing.

    And the other update is now affiliates are allowed to use their own email creatives to run our offers. It is necessary to get email templates approved first, but don’t worry, the process is very easy. Only one step is required, everyone can finish it in one minute!

    At the same time, several new email template designs are available in the email templates section. Start email marketing and keep the money rolling!


  • Feb. 26, 2014
    Bonus Commissions for Special Offers Disbursed

    The activity of bonus for special offers has ended on 31st, Jan, 2014 and as expected, we are excited to see many affiliates, both new and old, coming for get special offers of CPL or CPS.

    The two-month long activity stimulated affiliates in the eager of big bonuses, and happily we saw some succeeded and some found the way to success with us. What’s more important, we have introduced the SOI offers to affiliates who wanted, and showed our CPS offers can give a performance in ROI for affiliates.

    Till today, the bonus commissions have been added to the unpaid balance of all winners.

    We take every opportunity to find the best ways to cooperate with affiliate marketing masters at Qpid Affiliate.


  • Jan. 28, 2014
    Boost Your Income with New Function: Voice Message

    Many of our male members told us that they needed more effective and fun ways to connect with their favourite ladies, other than just seeing the ladies photo or chatting with her through words only. Now a fascinating solution is launched - newest feature in Live Chat - Voice Message.

    With the service, our dating members are able to:

    - Chat with his favorite lady through self-recorded Voice Messages

    - Record and send his blessings and joys to his favorite lady via Voice Messages

    - Receive and play Voice Messages from ladies for free

    It is very important to give our members the best service we can possibly provide. The pursue of perfection always keep Qpid Network’s dating sites stand in the leading position, and no one can come close.

    With this new function, it will be much easier to generate leads and sales. Promote the new function and start earning more today! 


  • Jan. 28, 2014
    New Website: Available at Qpid Affiliate

    Qpid Affiliate has recently added a new dating site for affiliates. Affiliates now can find its offer and links listed within the system.

    LatamDate, as one of the Qpid Network dating sites, provides a platform to help singles around the world to find their dream girl in Latin America. Like its sister sites, LatamDate offers various communication tools to build best user experience.

    At QpidAffiliate, LatamDate offer accepts traffic from 20 countries. With ready at hand marketing tools, the affiliate is able to earn up to $7 dollars per lead or $399 per sale.

    Qpid Network works restlessly to make finest matches globally and continues to find ways to serve more and more singles to develop opportunities. This can never be achieved easily, so we welcome all affiliates to join us to make it happen.

  • Nov. 27, 2013
    Last Chance to Get Special Offers and Earn Extremely Big Bonus

    Have you ever got $5,000 as a gift to reward your affiliate efforts? Have you imagined taking every penny that your referred paid members pay to dating sites instead of only getting a few bucks?

    Today is the day!

    On December, Qpid Affiliate launches the event to reward excellent affiliates like you! You will be able to earn up to $5,000 as a bonus in addition to your CPL commissions. OR you will be able to earn 100% of all first orders!

    Moreover, we want to keep things simple to all lead generation specialists. So these CPL offers will be only single opt-in required. As for CPS offer, the only requirement is two paid members.

    All you need to do is to sign up at the contest page. Then promote the special offers.

    This contest to open to all affiliates including new affiliates, and only available before 31st, January, 2014.

    Join Now!

  • Oct. 15, 2013
    QpidAffiliate 2 Tier Program - Earn 12% Extra Money from Your Referral Affiliates

    What is QpidAfffiliate Referral Program? You may see it on our homepage, but do you really know how great this program is? The program is aim to recruit new affiliates to join and at the same time give already exist affiliates a chance to earn some extra money from their downline affiliates.

    Then how to calculate the 2 tier commission? It is simple, affiliates put their referral links and display QpidAffiliate’s recruit banners or text link on their website. Anyone register at through these creatives will be tracked and count as the downline affiliate of the webmaster. Each month, the affiliate will get 5% to 12% of commission of ALL downline affiliates he brought to QpidAffiliate. The rate is determined by the number of downline affiliates, the more he have the more he earn.

    Joining this program is very simple, just follow below steps:

    1. If your commission scheme is CPL, please register a new account and select CPS as you commission scheme, if you are CPS, please skip this step.
    2. Login your account and go to ‘ Links & Code’ section, click ‘Referral Program’ on the left side menu, then you will find your referral links and all the creatives.
    3. Copy the direct link or tracking code and paste to your website.

    Join QpidAffiliate Referral Program today

  • Jul. 18, 2013
    IMPORTANT UPDATE: New Commission Programs Being Lauched

    On this August, Qpid Affiliate will bring out a very important upgrade to the system that will increase our affiliates' earnings and provide an innovative way to manage your data. With the reconstruction of commission programs and reporting system, our affiliates will be able to

    * Earn higher payouts with the new CPL and CPS programs;

    * Get reporting with deeper insights in data;

    * Earn money by referring webmasters to be our affiliates;

    * More to be expected...

    Among the above updates, the most exciting feature is that we will be offering higher rates through reconstructing commission programs. Let's take a quick glance at the new programs:


    Existing but to be expired

    New & incoming

    CPS Program

    Up to 30% per first order plus $2 per valid member.

    Up to 100% per first order.

    CPL Program

    Up to $5 per valid member.

    Up to $7 per lead.

    How to join

    Combined and no need to select one. The better will apply for each month.

    Separate and one program for one account only.


    Now, log in and select your commission program today >>

    The page for selection will be closed on 31st, July, 2013. After that point, the system will help affiliates to automatically accept the best commission programs according to history record.

    For any concerns over this upgrade, please feel free to contact us for help.

  • Jul. 18, 2013
    Good Conversion Need Great Service, Get Now

    Qpid Network has always try out its best to provide a more user-friendly products as a dating service platform. Great functions, and new features has been added to boost your revenue! Affiliates partners, don't miss out the chance to earn big money in this summer!

    New features to increase your income are:
    Free Trial of Live Chat
    Qualified gentleman members can get 2 minutes of Free Live Chat with many of our new ladies. This promotion is introduced to new gentleman members for trial on Live Chat. Credits won't be counted for the Free Live Chat minutes.As Qpid Network seldom offer so much preferential service to its members, after introducing these improvements, the number of first order and leads is expected to increase.We are going to add more new features to full fill our service, to let gentleman foster communications and relationships with ladies. Stay tuned!

    What you will get:
    Achieve a better CTR through our newly updated banners for these new features
    Improve the conversion rate by using new landing pages
    Excellent lead to sales conversion rate to raise your income.

    Don't wait, start to reach out for the new materials right now!

  • May. 7, 2013
    Qpid Affiliate Dating Channel Program is Released

    Great news! In order to provide multiple choices as promotion methods for its affiliates, Qpid Affiliate released Dating Channel program in recent days.                      

    So why is Dating Channel special? By joining this program, Affiliates will receive high commission from the registrations and orders they brought to Qpid network as usual, moreover they will receive massive free back link from our PR4 dating sites as well. These quality back link will surely benefit affiliates' website.

    Join Dating Channel today! It is totally free to apply and only takes 3 easy steps to accomplish the application. If you want to know more information about the exciting Dating Channel program,please click link below to visit the introduction page.  


  • Jan. 4, 2013
    Link Exchange Now Available on

    We're pleased to announce the link exchange page has now been launched on Just place one of our banners or text links on your homepage and we will list your site on our high-traffic link page in return. The link exchange application process is 3 easy steps and takes just a few minutes.


    1) Go to our link exchange page:

    2) Copy the code under the banner or text link you wish to use and paste it directly on your web site

    3) Submit your related information to us after finish step 2.


    We're dedicated to being the best dating affiliate program anywhere, and we always strive to provide excellent service to our valued affiliates!

  • Nov. 14, 2012
    Now a Bigger Selection of Promotion Materials!

    Qpid Affiliate is proud to announce that new promotion materials are available now. This will help Affiliates promote our sites in more ways and creates the potential for higher commissions. Previously, simple image banners were the best way to promote sites; but today more and more fresh and innovative elements are emerging. Affiliates who want more interactive banners, material for WAP mobile sites, and templates for email campaigns will find just what they're looking for! 

    New promotion materials are described below:
    - Type 1: HTML banners: search banners, pop-ups  
     1) Search banners: You can run custom profile searches for ladies right on these banners;
     2) Pop-up banners: Helps you attract lots of attention, or use "pop-under" banners which  pop up behind the browsing window, to avoid distraction from the current page;
    - Type 2: Flash banners
     Websites supporting flash may use these highly-attractive, interactive banners.
    - Type 3: Image banners for mobile devices
     Similar to our other popular image banners but resized for mobile devices.
    - Type 4: Articles, dating tips, site reviews and user testimonials
     Especially useful for blogs and review writers; and can be embedded on your website easily.
     1) Tips: Tips on dating and marriage to attract target audiences;
     2) Reviews: Information for helping write reviews of our member sites;
     3) Testimonials: Real success stories from couples who met and got married via our sites.

    - Type 5: Email templates
     Ready-to-use email templates for emailing your site's subscribers.

    We offer a flexible selection of promotional tools and materials to help our valued partners maximize their profit. Be among the first to profit from QpidAffiliate's new advertising material!

  • Sep. 4, 2012
    System Update: Monthly Account Report And Newsletter Now Available

    We're glad to announce that from this month on, we will be able to send monthly account reports to our valued affiliates as a latest feature from the upgraded system.

    The monthly account report will contain

    * Performance data of last month, including total clicks, conversions and commissions;
    * The latest news from the team;
    * A few featured banners as recommendations.

    Besides of the report, we may reach you with other informative news to keep you up to date with the Team via the newsletter system in the future days.

    The first delivery will be processed in the later days of this month. Not every affiliate is in the emailing list this time, if you want to add yourself in, please contact us.

    If you find the newsletter dropped in the spam box, please add the sender's email address to the addressbook so that you won't missed any important updates.

    Qpid Affiliate is always working to be the best online dating affiliate program by devoting every effort to provide the most reliable in-house affiliate program system.

  • Mar. 14, 2012
    Qpid Affiliate Support Team is Now on SNS

    To enhance mutual communications between affiliates and the Support Team, now we join some of the SNS network.If you'd like to be more involved in SNS events as one of our select partners,please contact:




    Linkedin:      Affiliate Manager Jasmine

    Live Chat:  Support Staff 1      Support Staff 2       Support Staff 3

    Skype:        Support Line1  Skype Me?!   Support Line2 Skype Me?!    Support Line3 Skype Me?!